About Dalel-Elmadares

The family and the school are partners in creating a leading generation that benefits society, so make sure to choose the right partner

The future of children is what preoccupies all parents, and finding the right school is the beginning of the right path for them, and from here it was The launch of a platform, groups, and school guide pages, to provide all the information and real experiences about schools until we became a source of trust for parents Things are looking for distinguished schools, and we plan with them for a better future for their children. We always choose the best schools.

About Us

Dalel-Elmadares is an electronic platform that provides information and various educational services about schools and teachers to help parents and students How to choose the right schools for them, through a huge database of hundreds of schools and teachers, and facilitating the registration procedures Providing study seats from selected schools

The date the groups and pages were created

Group and school guide pages were created in 2015 on social networking sites (Social Media) (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram/Youtube/Tik Tok/Snapchat)

Our Vision

We look forward to being the pioneers of e-marketing in the field of education in the Middle East, and providing the highest quality services to customers To achieve their goals, our motto is always your trust is the basis of our superiority and we strive to select the best schools where we have a culture of teamwork and cooperation to make Achievements Because we are partners in success

Our message

Providing electronic services and consultations in the field of education, and providing technical solutions using the best and latest methods and methods Technology, to save effort and time, and achieve immediate results.

Our Values

Integrity, ethics, credibility, transparency and professionalism in dealing with everyone.

School guide tips for choosing the right school for your children

  1. Choose the school that has its advantages and advantages more than its disadvantages (as there is no full-featured school).
  2. Choose the school that develops from itself and seeks to solve its problems and end its negatives.
  3. Choose the school in terms of (psychological comfort and good treatment of the child / educational level / academic level / discipline and commitment / Interest in educational and recreational activities / the administration that listens to the opinions and problems of parents and seeks to solve their problems / the administration that It seeks to develop / modern, advanced and diverse educational tools and methods that help the child in learning and innovation / school fees The occasion that suits the financial capabilities of the family / safe and clean environment / suitable school buildings).
  4. Dear guardian, you should benefit from the experiences of parents by listing their real experiences.
  5. Dear parents, do not be deceived by the phrase (the school is very bad) or the school is (excellent or wonderful) without listing the experiences or mentioning what they are Advantages or disadvantages (without offending or excessive praise), this does not benefit the parent or the school.
  6. Dear guardian, we advise you not to listen and get carried away by the marketers who communicate with you in private.
  7. Remember that a parent's personal experience does not represent the opinions and experiences of other parents in the school, so you should listen more who saw
  8. After researching and listening to the experiences of others, you must visit the school yourself to judge it and determine the final decision in choosing.
  9. Do not base your choice on fees or discounts, but make it one of the additional advantages that distinguish one school from another.
  10. Always remember that (what does not suit you may suit you others), so you should mention your experience in all honesty and integrity.
  11. The family and the school are partners in creating a leading generation that benefits society (so make sure to choose the right partner).
  12. Dear guardian, always remember that the school is your son’s second home. If it is not his first home, then make sure to choose it carefully and carefully (your children). A trust, so protect them and choose the most appropriate school for them.

Our motto

  1. Your trust is the basis of our superiority, and we strive to select the best schools
  2. Schools guide is your advisor for choosing a school for your children
  3. The school guide plans with you for a better future for your children
  4. The Schools Guide is your advisor for the education of your children
  5. The Schools Guide is your advisor in choosing a school that offers your children a safe and healthy learning environment.
  6. School guide helps you determine your right path